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The Expert Way to Find Information.

We analyze opinions from leading experts to rank and review over 200,000 products, and companies.

We’re passionate about building a new way to explore the web - one that gathers and ranks information from leading expert sources so you get relevant, timely and personalized content on topics that interest you. Our rankings are based on InfomatRank - a measurement of awareness, editorial review and popularity markers from trusted sources. We use a hybrid approach for our ranking and review system.


InfomatRank blends our review and comparison technology with human curation, to help save time, and simplify the product comparison process. You find relevant information fast, and quickly analyze it to generate meaningful, useful insight. We regularly scour the web with a focus on expert sources to draw content from retailers, manufacturers, key trade shows, magazines, blogs, news, organizations, government agencies and trend experts.

Our InfomatRank technology is unique and merits its own explanation page.
Infomat is organized into 6 broad categories with more than 900 topic guides: Fashion, Gift, Learning, Home, Shop and Style.

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