We use a Weighted Average to Assign more Importance
to Some Experts and Sources than Others.

The Infomat site lets you explore the web by topic, using a hybrid approach to search that blends our powerful search and comparison technology with human curation.

We regularly scour lifestyle industries with a focus on expert sources to draw content not only from Web sites, but also from hundreds of specialized services, including key trade shows, magazines, manufacturers, retailers, blogs, news, organizations, government agencies and trend experts. As part of this process we also partner with select leading experts to retrieve highly relevant, quality articles, images, databases and opinion.

How We Determine Rank

We use editorial judgment to determine expert sources and select which ones are best for different types of information. Then we compile the information into our comparison engine and use a weighted average to assign more importance to some experts and sources than others, based on their quality and overall reputation.

The greater the ranking and amount of positive information published about a topic, the higher the rank. Infomat is a business based on a simple premise that the combined reviews of hundreds of experts are inherently more accurate than the opinion of just one expert. Our ranking system also allows us to compile comprehensive Best of Lists on a variety of topics. What's more, we allow publishers to feature our Best of Lists on their site for free.



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